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Dr. Fred Wagshul Launches New Concierge Medical Practice

Updated: May 18, 2021

Beginning in June, 2021, our new My Time Physician practice will open— alongside Lung Center of America. Here’s what you need to know.

My Time Physician—You have a doctor in the family

Dr. Wagshul and the My Time Physician staff team will offer patients a highly personalized healthcare experience. Patients will enjoy more time during appointments with Dr. Wagshul, same-day urgent appointments or next business day regular appointments to fit your schedule, and complete management and scheduling of all of your healthcare needs, including closer follow-up, preventive care, education and counseling.

Dr. Wagshul is a highly respected pulmonologist who also has 25 years of experience in internal medicine and family primary care. So whether you are seeking exceptional, personalized pulmonary care or a dedicated and skilled primary care provider, Dr. Wagshul’s proactive approach to your health is designed to keep you well in every stage of life.

Concierge patients at My Time Physician pay an annual fee of $1800, which covers the costs of an annual comprehensive wellness exam and preventive care—which is not typically reimbursed by insurance. For appointments and services throughout the year, MY Time Physician accepts many insurance plans—including Medicare. Our knowledgeable staff will streamline this process as well for you, making it even easier for you to focus on your good health.

Lung Center of America

While Dr. Wagshul will be transitioning over to the concierge portion of our practice, he will be directing the delivery of the outstanding pulmonary care services you’ve come to know, trust and rely upon at Lung Center of America. Our new nurse practitioners— advanced professionals who have been thoroughly trained by Dr. Wagshul— will continue to employ the remarkably effective therapies he has pioneered. These are the very same treatment therapies that have enabled our patients to breathe easy…and to live life on their own terms…for so many years.

Stay well!

My Time Physician

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